Sunny Daze Landscaping was founded in 2007 by Sonny Jarock. Having been born and raised in Golden, CO; Sonny's love for nature and Colorado's majestic landscape started at a very young age. Sonny began taking stock in the things that fueled his soul - people, Colorado and nature!

"It all started fairly organically," says Sonny. "As a hobby, I started doing favors for friends and neighbors and began accumulating a pretty impressive selection of tools and stone remnants. One of the neighbors I did some work for offered to store my equipment. Favors started turning into paid gigs and the next thing I knew I had realized a dream that fueled my entrepreneurial spirit and made Sunny Daze Landscaping official."

Once Sunny Daze was a reality the mission became bringing a little of the Rocky Mountains to each and every backyard. Each project has a dedicated team from beginning to end, one job at a time! "I'd rather make custom landscaping attainable to anyone who loves nature and the outdoors as much as I do."